Netanyahu: We’ll Strike at Iran Anywhere in Syria

Israel has continuously stated that it would never accept any Iranian military presence in Syria, whereas Tehran insists it only has military advisers in the Arab Republic.
“We will continue to act against [Iran’s] intention to establish a military presence in Syria opposite us, not just opposite the Golan Heights but anywhere in Syria,” Netanyahu said.

Next week Israel’s prime minister will be heading to Germany, France and the UK to hold talks with these countries’ leaders. “I will present them with the latest strategic developments in our region, which are connected to the efforts to halt Iranian aggression in Syria and elsewhere,” Netanyahu noted.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking about Syria at the Primakov Readings earlier in the day, called for the withdrawal of all non-Syrian troopsfrom Syria’s southwestern de-escalation zone, which borders Israel, as soon as possible.

Earlier in May, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to remove Iranian forces from his country’s territory, arguing that they are not operating in Syria’s interests and only further complicate the situation in the country.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have been running high recently, with the latest episode being a suspected Israeli attack on the outskirts of Damascus that targeted depots, which according to Tel Aviv belonged to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

Israel has expressed concern over Iran’s alleged attempts to establish a permanent military presence in Syria and thus expand its clout in the whole region. However, Tehran denies the claims, noting that the country has been only sending military advisers to train troops loyal to Damascus since Iran supports Syrian President Bashar Assad in his struggle against terrorist groups in the country. Nevertheless, Israel continues to view Iranian activities as a threat to its national security.


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